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18th Regional Dog Show in Brno - KK Zetor

We took part in the 18th Regional Dog Show for all breeds on Sunday, September 1st, 2019. This Dog Show was put on by the Zetor Cynology Club. Andy started off in a sub-category just like in the previous dog show. Andy starting number was 213. With an assessment of Excellent, Andy won first place in his category. He managed to beat a dog from the “Champion’s Category”, making him the regional champion and he placed 3rd among other breeds in the FCI II group.


A tall, mighty dog, standard head, scissor bite, full dentition, correct mask, correct eye, correct ear, correct top figure and tail, mighty front, leg slightly sticking out in the back and in the front as well, standard fur, spatial movement


Ing. Jančík Leoš

Exc. 1, Class Winner, Regional Winner, FCI II (3rd place)