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About us

All information about Andy

Basic information

Here you can find the information about Andy that might be interesting for you.

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Andy's complete pedigree, including a brief introduction of his parents.

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You will find a list of all the awards that Andy has received so far, here.

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An overview of coverage and all the information about Andy’s descendants

Dog Shows

Our participation at dog shows


A little bit from our Gallery


Information about the latest news that have taken place

New registration number


Today we got back pedigree from studbook Czech-Moravian Canine Union where we were assigned a new registration number.

Andy’s birthday

Andy’s second birthday party

Andy celebrated his second birthday today. He first got his birthday cake and then he also got his favourite toy, a squeezing hen....

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Czech Champion

Andy won his fourth CAC

Andy Leon Eperies met the final criteria and received title of Czech Champion at the XV. Brno National Dog Show and became the Czech Champion.


Lemp N/N , LPN1 N/N , LPN2 N/N

Today, we received the results from LABOKLIN, an accredited laboratory in Germany that did the genetics test for polyneuropathy LPN1 and LPN2. They....

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An X-ray for joint dysplasia

DKK A/A a DKL 0/0

Today, we met another criterion for breeding Andy. He had an X-ray for hip and elbow dysplasia. The results of both tests were excellent. The results....

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A trip to the Prachov Rocks

Going for a walk on a Saturday

We had planned to take part in a dog in Mladá Boleslav on Sunday August 25th, 2019. In order to prevent spending the whole trip in the car, we set off to....

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Run and Support Dog Shelters

3th annual event in Opava

We took part in the 3rd Annual Run and Support Dog Shelters in Opava’s City Orchard on Saturday, June 8th, 2019. It is a charity event and the money....

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Czech Junior Champion

Andy won his third CAJC

Andy Leon Eperies won his third CAJC at the National Dog Show in Ostrava and thereby met the conditions for the Czech Junior Champion Title.

Andy’s birthday

Andy’s first birthday party

We can hardly believe that Andy has already celebrated his 1st birthday on Saturday, February 16th, 2019. I prepared several toys for him but also some good food...

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Moravia-Silesia Breeder’s Club

We became members of the Club

We signed up to become members of the Moravia-Silesia Breeder’s Club and Friends of Leonbergers on December 13th, 2018. Our request was granted and we were accepted into the Club.

Leonberger Breeder’s Club

We became members of the Club

We sent the application and signed us up to become members of the Leonberger Breeder’s Club. Our request was granted and we were accepted into the Club.

We support

We donate more than just the food and treats that we win at the dog show to dogs, which need it more.

We donated 7kg of dog food that Andy won at the Club Dog Show in Zubří to the Moravian-Silesian Association for the Protection of Animals at the 3rd annual Run and Support Dog Shelters.

— MS Animal Protection Association

We received 3kg of extra dog food when we ordered dog food for Andy, so we decided to donate it to the Moravian-Silesia Association for the Protection of Animals.

— MS Animal Protection Association

We used to dog food and treats that Andy won at the Prague Džbán Club Dog Show to partially help fill the bowl for the Animal Protection Fund.

— Animal Protection Foundation

We had 5kg of dog food left after Bela died, so we donated it to the Help Animals Fund in Ostrava.

— Animal Aid Foundation

We remember

Our previous Leonbergers

Bela Beryla Blondy Děda Praděda

Bela BerylaBlondy Děda Praděda was born on October 28th, 2007. Bela was one of five puppies. The father was Agricola Harcovský dvůr and the mother was Frederica.

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Dina Lví Chov

Before getting our first dog, we thought long and hard about what breed would be most suitable for our family. In the end, we chose a Leonberger. We were.

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